Responding to Passive Aggressive Communication

Historically, I think I’ve moved from passive (in my teens and early 20’s) to aggressive (in my late 20’s and early 30’s) in my communication style. It took learning assertiveness to find a way to communicate my needs and concerns in a way that preserved relationships and got results. I still use the other styles on occasion, depending on how prepared I am for a conversation, or how ‘safe’  or ‘connected’ I feel to the person I’m talking to.

I came across this blog entry by my friend, Eric Stutzman, Managing Director at ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance in Winnipeg. I wanted to share it, as I liked the clear and practical ways he gives for responding to passive aggressive communication. I found his first point very poignant.

People use passive aggressive communication for a reason. Instead of joining in… we can find ways to make the conversation safe and open.

I also liked the steps he provides to both keep the conversation on task, and to respond to behaviours which are interfering with your goals.  I hope you also find this helpful.

Direct Talk About Passive-Aggression

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5 thoughts on “Responding to Passive Aggressive Communication

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