…Hi, I’m Joy. I’ve been talking to people about their hopes and dreams, and what gets in the way of achieving these, for as long as I can remember. I’ve had a rather unorthodox journey into counselling and mental health. Here’s a bit of my history.

Travelling & Early Counselling Training

In my early 20’s, I did a lot of travelling and spent several months in Amsterdam taking counselling courses through a private university. I then traveled to New Orleans and volunteered at a crisis counselling centre for several months. Shortly after this, I spent three years as a pastoral intern at a local church and was involved in developing a counselling program there.

Living & Working in a First Nations Community


My partner and I moved to Kinosao Sipi First Nation (also known as Norway House, Manitoba) shortly after we married. While there, I volunteered with the heath authority on the suicide hotline, helping with addictions awareness week activities, developing curriculum for culturally appropriate kids clubs, working as a musician for a research project which was examining the effects of artistic programming on children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and teaching music at the local high school. We moved back to Winnipeg after two years, when we lost our first child in a still birth

Winnipeg’s North End & Homelessness Initiative

In 2003, my partner and I moved into a house which was purchased with a grant through the Housing and Homelessness initiative and began to support people at risk of homelessness. We lived with and supported people in this home for seven years. Individuals who stayed with us were often struggling with mental health issues, including addictions. Some were needing support due to physical disabilities or other health issues. We also supported individuals who had recently arrived in Canada as refugees and were awaiting long term housing. During this time, we had another son, and I started the Inner City Social Work Program through the University of Manitoba. Within this program, I spent time at a policy development organization and started a residence association in my neighbourhood.

Community Development & Mental Health

After graduation, in 2011, I worked in community development in the North End, where I have lived for most of the past 20 years, and got a clear sense of the links between individuals, communities and broader social and political issues. Soon afterwards, I started working in crisis services and community mental health in the Interlake and NorthEastman region. Later, I took a casual position as a mental health clinician at the Crisis Response Centre in the Health Sciences Centre complex, where I worked until February 2019.

MSW program & ‘White’ Social Workers

I started the Masters of Social Work Program at the University of Manitoba in 2014 and completed my coursework in 2015. I’ve now completed my thesis which is about racial identity awareness among ‘white’ social workers, and graduated in 2018. 

Private Practice with Individuals and Couples

I started in private practice five years ago and have loved working with individuals from all walks of life. I feel incredibility privileged to have been invited into the lives of the people who come to talk to me and to have the opportunity to witness their strength and courage.

Personal & Political

Personally, I love the arts; I enjoy creative writing, playing music, and fabric art. I am also passionate about issues related to Indigenous rights in Canada, and about racism and the role of non-Indigenous Canadians in reconciliation. Sometimes these various passions intertwine.

On Being a Counsellor


People often ask me about burnout and whether I find myself getting jaded after listening to so many peoples’ problems.

I don’t feel that I am listening to problems, but that I am listening for strengths.

I don’t think I am naturally an optimistic person, but my optimism has grown over the course of my life, as I marvel at the courage and beauty within each person I talk to. I love continually learning from clients and other professionals and plan to do it for as long as I am needed.

How I Work

In the first session I like to get to know you, and get a sense of the situation that you are wanting help with along with the context in which that situation occurred. I ask a lot of questions to be sure that I’m not missing anything. At the end of the first session we will talk about a therapeutic approach and plan to address your needs and goals, and the next steps.

I create therapeutic plans by drawing from a variety of approaches according to what best fits you, based on your own history with that issue or situation, what has worked for you in the past, and according to best practice based on current research. I provide additional resources, when needed, for you to use at home, exercises and information about other supports and experts available, in the city or online. I will consult with other experts as needed and am happy to advocate for you by providing collateral to other health professionals at your request.

I am flexible and work with you to provide the best care that works for you. In the past this has included providing session notes, upon request, and having individuals invite partners or other important people into sessions when this is helpful.


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