Bibliotherapy- Just for Fun;)

Here’s one for you readers, book lovers and bibliophiles… as a counsellor, one of the therapies I’ve studied is Narrative Therapy. See more about how/when I use this in therapy here. I think the power of storytelling is incredible and transcends ages, time and geography. Aside from non-fiction, I sometimes recommend fiction to clients who like reading and to whom a specific story or movie might provide insight to.

A couple years ago I came across this gem ” The Novel Cure- An A-Z of Literary Remedies.” by Ella Berthoud & Susan Eldurkin.

It is actually a book where you look up your ailment, from “broken dreams,” to “tax return, fear of doing” to “cancer, having” and are given recommendations on what to read.

It is a witty, but thoughtful and heartfelt guide. The authors have a background in English Literature and actually have a bibliotherapy service in London! I read it cover to cover before marking off books that I wanted to read.

Check it out here: 

The Novel Cure- An A-Z of Literary Remedies.” by Ella Berthoud & Susan Eldurkin.

*Please note: I have signed on as an affiliate sales person for McNally Robinson which means that if you click on the above link, and decide to purchase the book I’ve recommended, I will receive an affiliate’s fee. I only recommend books I have read and believe to be worth recommending.

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