Update for Joy Eidse Counselling

I have not posted for quite some time. When the pandemic hit I found I needed all of my time and energy to transition to the new way of being that included providing remote counselling services from home alongside my family who were also living, working and doing school at home. Some things had to be dropped and updating this blog was one of them.

These days I am providing both in person and remote counselling services out my office at Wolseley Wellness on Corydon and am now available to take on new clients for weekday appointments only. In person appointments include remaining socially distant, the wearing of masks, and all surfaces being disinfected between appointments.

Over the past two years I have been working towards my EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)therapy certification and hope to complete the paperwork for registration within the next few weeks. EMDR was originally used to treat symptoms of PTSD but it used much more broadly to treat any unresolved past events along with other issues such as addictions, chronic pain, etc. I have also been doing training related to complex PTSD symptoms, including dissociation and am honoured to be able to support people through their journeys of healing, utilizing these tools. If this sounds like something that might be helpful to you, or if you have more questions about EMDR, don’t hesitate to message me.

While I am still adjusting my schedule and routine during this pandemic, and as life continues to shift around it, I may not update this blog regularly but rest assured that I am still here and will respond to questions or messages sent my way.

Wishing you peace and safety during this time.

Joy Eidse

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