Public Speaking/ Workshops

Oct 2018

“Being ‘white’ in an era of Reconciliation” – October 24, 2018

A discussion of ‘whiteness’ and it’s attributes, including ‘whiteness’ as ‘invisible,’ ‘whiteness’ as ‘normal,’ and ‘white’ fragility.

Presenting at “Lunch & Listen” At Klinic – Winnipeg, Manitoba.

May 2018


“Increasing Awareness of Racial Identity Among White Social Workers – A Narrative Approach” – May 29-31, 2018

A presentation of my Master’s of Social Worker Thesis project and findings.

Presenting at  2018 CASWE-ACFTS Conference “Honouring Reconciliation and Respecting our Differences,” University of Regina- Regina, Saskatchewan.


“Infant Loss” – May 8, 2018

Panel discussion on pregnancy and infant loss.

Healthy Baby Conference. Winnipeg, Manitoba


January 2018

“Panic & Grief” – January 23, 2018

Learning to manage panic and anxiety in the midst of a terminal illness and to obtain tools for and to make space for grief.

Presented to the Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group at Concordia Hospital – Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“…just wanted to tell you job well done on the meeting yesterday and in picking out the guest speaker;  she was very informative and in tune to our needs. She touched on areas of feelings I never knew even existed.  I was really impressed…”

Support group participant


October 2017

“Perinatal Loss” – October 27-28, 2017

A personal story of loss, told to health care professionals.

Presented in a panel at “Spinning Babies” conference at St. Benedict’s Monastery – St. Paul’s, Manitoba.

“Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your personal story and for th evaluable information and perspectives shared as a counsellor… it was so powerful and engaging and you left people with an amazing gift.”

Representative from Midwives Association of Manitoba

“Trying to be a Good Person”  – October 25, 2017

The story of the journey that led to my Master’s thesis regarding racism and ‘whiteness’ in social work practice.

Presented at “Say What You Mean Meditation Group” – Winnipeg. Manitoba.


September 2017

“Are the Kids Okay?- Children & Mental Health”  – September 16, 2017

How can you best support your child’s mental and emotional well being at various stages of development? What are the signs that outside help might be warranted?

Presented at Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home (MASH) conference – Winnipeg, Manitoba.




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