Allies, Indigenous Youth Need You Now

Wanted to share this from an amazing Indigenous leader in our community. Pass it on. Also check out my previous post called How to Reduce Suicides – A Guide for Everyone.

North End MC

If you call yourself an ally to Indigenous people I need your attention right now because we have young lives that need to know they matter. In light of both recent verdicts in the court cases involving Tina Fontaine & Colten Bouschie (& so many more that have happened recently) Indigenous young people in Canada are afraid. There was a time when young people would share how they feel unsafe walking down the street, taking the bus, calling the cops if they need help or seeking any type of safety or accountability through typical “justice” system means. I encouraged those youth to build their system literacy, ask for help and speak their truth. I’ve seen many of our young people express their pain on social media, asking for help and speaking truthfully and it’s an important part of grieving. However, I am saddened and angered by the amount…

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2 thoughts on “Allies, Indigenous Youth Need You Now

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